Are you planning a trip to Vegas? Looking for a Busty All natural Latina Stripper? Are you a lonely local looking for company? or seeking something spontaneous ? Perhaps your a Long Term couple that needs something different and fun for the both of you? Well if so be sure to book me as your Adult Entertainer. Check out my Menu below for some ideas and my rates. Prices may very depending on your expectations. All groups welcome


call (702)741-6287


I am also available as a walk-around sensation and ambiance-provider at any event


Your welcome to check out my live XXX Burlesque show to get to know me a little bit more before you arrive in Sin City.


  • You must RESPECT my boundaries at all time. NO means No, YES means YES.
  • All House Calls & Clients with NO references must send a $20 amazon gift card in advance to schedule a meeting with me. Read steps 1-5 on how to set up a reservation thru Amazon email Devilry . Please be mindful of my time and I will mindful of your time. I am always on time. This amazon gift car reservation set our time together. So I can Schedule my  Photo-shoot or filming around our time together.
  • You must have the donation in a visible place when I arrive to your Hotel or Private Address. So that way I do not have to ask for it. Some people get creative and place the donation in a card or envelope with my name on it, or you can just hand it to me at the door.
  • Be sure you shower, shave and mouth wash before I arrive. I will do the same of course.
  • Do not offer drugs or alcohol to me, my answer will always be NO. However I do love Ice tea, water, cranberry juice, monster energy drink, orange juice or lemonade


How to email an Amazon gift card.

  1. Upload a face shot of yourself or choose a design
  2. Upload photo or edit it
  3. enter $100 as the amount (this will book the date you requested to meet)
  4. for Recipient email put
  5. Be sure to include : Name, phone number,date / time of reservation, how long of a session you want to book, and email in the message. Your also welcome to include what some of your fetishes are or any special request you may have. Click here now to send your Deposit via Amazon