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Your welcome to check out my live XXX Burlesque show to get to know me a little bit more before you book a meeting with me.


  • You must RESPECT my boundaries at all time. NO means No, YES means YES.
  • All House Calls & Clients with NO references must send a $20 amazon gift card in advance to schedule a meeting with me. Read steps 1-5 below on how to set up a reservation thru Amazon email Devilry . Please be mindful of my time and I will be mindful of your time. I am always on time. This amazon gift card set our time meeting in stone. So I can Schedule my  Photo-shoots or filming around our time together.
  • You must have the donation in a visible place when I arrive to your Hotel or Private Address. So that way I do not have to ask for it. Some people get creative and place the donation in a card or envelope with my name on it, or you can just hand it to me at the door.
  • Be sure you shower, shave and mouth wash before I arrive. I will do the same of course.
  • Do not offer drugs or alcohol to me, my answer will always be NO. However I do love Ice tea, water, cranberry juice, monster energy drink, orange juice or lemonade


How to email an Amazon gift card.

  1. Upload a face shot of yourself or choose a design
  2. Upload photo or edit it
  3. enter $20 as the amount (this will book the date you requested to meet)
  4. for Recipient email put TheRealJuliaJuggs@gmail.com
  5. Be sure to include : Name, phone number, and email address in the message part of the gift card.  Click here now to send your Deposit via Amazon