Big Beautiful Woman will take the stage and compete for best BBW dancer!
Special Surprise Guest Host!
Cash and prizes!
Lots of fun!!If you or anyone you know is interested in joining in, they need to be at Little Darlings and checked in with a manager by 10pm.
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After party


¬†First off I wold like to congratulate KayKay for winning 1st place in the BBW Christmas competition . KayKay and her crew definitely got it, as Kaykay would say “turn up” ! While all of us were in the dressing room Kaykay was motivating all of us to get the party poppin! Even though we had a few nervous newbies that bolted off stage to shed a few tears in the dressing room we were all fortunate enough to be in the presence of last years 1st place winner from the BBW competition on Halloween and Entertainer from BBW All Stars SWEET CHEEKS! she is a great motivational speaker for new BBWs in the industry. Thank you Sweet Cheeks for being so nurturing to our new girls. As a previous champ you demonstrated great sportsmanship.

I was so thankful to win 3rd place that night and to see a few fans in the audience. Sorry I could not do lap dances for those of you who asked. I was very tempted by your offers. Thank you for those of you who tip me on stage. I hope that I can get 1st place next year because I am definitely gonna step my game up. I hope that everyone on Little Darlings Vegas live Cams seen me waving to them from the main stage. Be sure to tune in the next time I’m live. Here are a few photos from the BBW Christmas Edition. if you would like to share your pictures from that night feel free to email them to